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Terms & Conditions


Any quote from another signage company which is at or under cost price, will be outsourced to that specific company and the 7.5% difference will be paid to you.
Max quote total of R30 000
Min quote total of R1000
Only apply to signs, not marketing material (flyers…)
UV printing costs cannot be compared to digital printing costs.
Websites excluded from special


All artwork are copy protected and owned by Digifusion Signs, until purchased and payed for by the buyer. Stealing artwork is a criminal offense.
Option to request changes on the artwork become available once payed for in full.
Images used in the artwork are *Royalty Free stock photographs, owned by Dreamstime & Shutterstock (becomes available for use once payment is received).
Once payment is received, ownership of the artwork is then taken by the particular buyer and will be removed from the “Available for purchased” list.
First come, first served – first person to purchase artwork, gets ownership immediately.
Payments should be done via EFT (banking details send by request only – email: signs@digifusion.co.za).
All prices on website excludes VAT
Billboard price excludes installation fee (may be requested via email – signs@digifusion.co.za).
Billboard installation are determined according to traveling distance.
We are a South African company and only do work within the South African borders.


You have verified that spelling and content are correct and assume all responsibility for typographical errors.
You are satisfied with the document layout.
You understand that your document will print  as it appears on the proof *** Please note the color on your monitor may not be representative of the printed piece. The monitor uses a resolution of 72 dpi and is RGB based, while printing uses 300 dpi and is CMYK based. The colors on the monitor are brighter than they will appear when they print.​
No colour matching can be guaranteed. Colour may vary.
Approval can be done via email or signed hard-copy.
Once approval is given, we are not responsible for any faults  (spelling mistakes etc.)
Artwork costs: R250 p/hour ex vat
*Royalty Free: Royalty-free means that once a license fee is paid, the images may be used many times without paying additional fees, but the initial license is necessary to protect yourself and your clients. When you license a royalty-free image, you can use it in nearly any application, for as long as you like, according to your license agreement (although some kinds of uses do require an extended license). The cost is often based on file size, the number of permitted users as well as other factors.


1. Acceptance of the plant on site implies acceptance of all Your Logo (Pty) Ltd terms and conditions of hire.
2. Safety and operation familiarisation of the plant noted above has been offered to the hirer.
3. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that only the designated operator(s) may operate the plant noted above and that they have received the appropriate  instructions, information and/or training.
4. If the plant is supplied with the owner’s operator then during the period of hire the operator shall be under the sole and absolute control and supervision of the hirer who shall be responsible for all of the operator’s acts or omissions.
5. It’s the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all safety instructions and the operator’s manual have been read and understood.
6. All punctures and tyre damage are the hirer’s responsibility and damage or loss will be for the hirer’s account.
7. It is the hirer’s responsibility for ensuring that all daily and weekly equipment checks are carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and instructions.
8. Your attention is drawn to the relevant health and safety regulations that require all boom lift occupants of the platform to wear Personal Fall Protection.
10. CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT (FEES) – Before 48 Hours – 10%, Within 48 Hours – 20%, On Contract – 50%
11. E & O.E
12. TOWING CONDITIONS a.SPEED LIMIT – the hirer notes and acknowledge that there is a speed limit of 90 k/h on towing of the equipment, measured and recorded by electronic equipment installed. The Owner will analyse the electronic equipment and should the speed limit of 90 Km/h be  or have been exceeded at any time, an amount of R 1000,00 (one thousand rand) will automatically be billed to the hirer in addition to all and any other costs. b. TRANSIT SAFETY CATCH – this safety catch will be pointed out by the Owner to the hirer during delivery of the equipment. Should the owner at any time during transit notice that the transit safety catch has been disengaged, or have acceptable proof thereof, and additional amount of R 1 000,00 (one thousand Rand ) will automatically be billed to the hirer in addition to all and any other costs.

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