Signage Printing, Step For Step

Whether your signage is intended to be showcased indoors or outdoors, getting to that final stage requires more than a few steps that are well worth your while if an effective and affordable sign is what you have in mind.


The signage printing and fabrication process will vary depending on the sign and materials chosen. In general, though, the client and the sign company will go through a process that includes:



The signage process will normally start with a consultation with the signage company. Your goals for the sign, branding considerations, intended application, budget, and deadline will be discussed here. The signs’ intended location will be visited to assess lines of sight, take measurements and determine electrical sources, if a Lightbox is will be used.



With your input, a skilled graphic designer will develop a concept until you are fully satisfied with it. If you are a start-up or seeking to refresh your existing brand, a logo design may also be part of this process. Once sign-off on the artwork is achieved the designer will move forward with your project.



To help you visualize how your sign will look once mounted, the graphic designer will provide a rendered mock-up proof. This is created with photo editing software and will allow you to see how your signage concept will look in real life, at your selected location.



After your sign is fabricated, it will need to be installed. A full-service signage company like Digifusion will install your new sign for you, which is excellent news as we have years of experience with signage installation! We can accomplish the entire job, from start to finish, according to local standards, adhere to your installation process timeline, proceed safely, and troubleshoot any obstacles that may occur.


Signage, which could be defined as anything from wall posters, window signage, billboards, floor decals, and vehicle branding, is an important part of any business. It also happens to be Digifusions specialty!

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